Office hours

As an independent designer I can be very flexible with my hours as the project demands it. In emergencies or by prior agreement I can usually work weekends or evenings if required for the project. I will always do everything possible to get your project completed on time, please call to discuss urgent work. 

I work from home, part-time, around school hours, I will be at my desk Monday to Friday 9am – 3pm, though you can contact me anytime to discuss your project. During school holidays* I usually work 9am–6pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, though this is flexible if the project requires it.

* 2017 school holidays: 03/04–17/04; 26/05–02/06; 24/07–04/09; 23/10–27/10; 22/12–03/01


Whatever your budget, please do get in touch to discuss your project, your budget and your organisation. I am happy to provide free estimates for design and print at the outset of projects.

I time my work and charge by the hour, in 15 min increments. Alternatively, if you would prefer, we can agree a set fee or page rate for the project, please contact me to discuss.  
Please contact me to discuss day rates for onsite/temp work.
Expenses, face-to-face meetings, travel and print costs are charged in addition to hourly rate. 

I work at a discounted hourly rate for good causes/registered charities and small local community groups.

Once the project is complete, I will send you an invoice. Please supply me with the name and address of whom to send the invoice (and a PO number if required) at the outset of the project. Invoice terms are 30 days. I am not VAT registered. For new clients requiring large print jobs I will require the print costs to be paid prior to printing.


Before the project is sent to print or finalised clients should thoroughly check the document and satisfy themselves that they are happy for it to go to print with no further changes to copy, content or design/layout (known as 'signing off for print'). I strongly recommend you arrange for a third party, ideally a professional proof reader to check your document in all respects prior to approving for print. Any errors spotted after the project has been signed off as complete are the clients responsibility.

At the end of the project I will supply you with final print quality PDFs and web quality PDFs for your archives, along with any print that was ordered. 

If your project is for online publication I can create interactive PDFs suitable for web/email distribution, please contact me to discuss your requirement.
If your project requires printing I am happy to arrange it through my network of trusted print suppliers; though if you prefer to arrange your own print I can advise on specification and provide you with print quality PDFs.
You should allow 5 full working days for the printing of your project, although it can be done quicker on digital presses for urgent work. If your print is likely to involve special finishes you should allow more time and book the project with the printer in advance to ensure your work is produced in time. 

supplying content for your project

Content supply: Please supply your copy as a collated Word or Pages document. It will speed up production if this copy is proof read prior to being sent for design. It is the clients responsability to check copy and arrange for a external proof reader. I strongly recommend that you arrange for a third party, ideally a professional proof reader, to check your document before you approve for print – an unfamiliar eye is better at spotting errors.

Supplying Logos: Where possible logos should be supplied as vector files (AI, EPS  or PDF). If this is not possible they should be high resolution image files, PSD/TIFF/PNG. I can assist in sourcing logos if required. 
Supplying Diagrams/charts etc: If you would like me to recreate your charts and graphs please provide the key data in a MS Excel or Numbers doc.
Supplying adverts for inclusion in programmes etc: If you are supplying adverts, from third parties, to be included in your publication, they should be supplied as PDF files, to PDFX1a standard, CMYK (no spot colours) with all fonts embedded or outlined. Adverts should be supplied with all content prior to first proof stage. Please check advert sizes with me before asking your advertisers to create their adverts.

Supplying images: Please supply all images as individual JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF, EPS, PSD or RAW files (not embedded within MS Word or Powerpoint files). Please do not attempt to alter an image size, file type or resolution yourself. If done incorrectly this will reduce the image quality. If in doubt, send the original image taken by the camera. Image Sizes: Images should be high resolution, check your image pixel sizes against this chart for how big they can be printed when converted to print resolution (300dpi):
typical thumbnail pic: print size: 20 x 30mm  =  pixel size: 236 x 354px
A8 print size: 74 × 52 = 874 x 614px
A7 (postcard) print size: 74 × 105 = 874 x 1240px
A6 print size: 105 x 148 mm = 1240 x 1748px
A5 print size: 148 x 210 mm = 1748 x 2480px
A4 print size: 210 x 297 mm = 2480 x 3508px

Image Sources:  I can research and purchase stock images for you if required for the project, but if you would prefer to do this yourself then images can be sourced quite reasonably from stock photo libraries. If you are purchasing your own, ALWAYS purchase the largest available file size to future proof your image investment, and ensure the image is royalty free and model released. 
If you need to have photographs taken for your project please let me know. I can recommend photographers and work with them to ensure we get the most suitable images for your project.
Image rights/permissions: When supplying images, please ensure that you have the permission to reproduce it and inform me if the image should be credited to a source or photographer. Images taken from websites should have the website owners/photographers permission.